Hennie James: 15 Months!

A few family members have mentioned that they miss reading about Hennie – we only see our extended family sporadically so I suppose everyone is keen to know what Little Miss James is up to these days!

The biggest news lately is that we’ve got a great little walker on our hands! She took her first tentative step on her first birthday and over the last three months has been perfecting those skills daily. Despite the dark, rainy days we’ve had this winter we have been doing our best to get outside to the park or the quayside boardwalk so she can explore the world outside of our home, but I’ll admit that most of her walking happens indoors lately.

Our favourite recent development was her (unfortunately very short-lived) Kissy Phase, during which we enjoyed some sparse cuddles and kisses for the first time since having this kiddo. Sadly, our toddler quickly realized that we enjoyed the affection and promptly cut us off in case we should forget who truly is the boss around here. The sass is strong in this one, which probably surprises no one who knows her mother. Hen has already perfected the cold stare-down she’ll need if she chooses to become a mother herself some day, she shoots us a mischievous grin and runs away nakey down the hallway when we try to clothe her, and she maintains eye contact as she rebelliously does the things she knows she’s not supposed to.

I feel like we’re in a toddler “sweet spot” where we get to watch her confidence and independence grow with her skills but she hasn’t really hit her stride with the tantrums yet (well, most days). We’re enjoying giving her our full attention right now before the new baby arrives in six months and totally upends our schedule and family dynamic.

Things That Make Hen Happy: farts (haha), when daddy comes home from work, when we share food, pretending her pacifier is a butterfly, “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” (she always touches her head and squats), bananas, watching her fingers pop out of her sleeve when she’s getting dressed, playing with the faucet in the bathtub, going on the swings.

Things That Make Hen Mad: being locked out of the kitchen, having her hands and face wiped after a meal, when we go to the bathroom and close the door, when she gets her hands on the keyboard or mouse and we take it away, loud noises in general, when anyone anywhere has food and isn’t sharing some with her.

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